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OneDrive API

OneDrive API provides your app access to more of what OneDrive has to offer. Use the rich API to integrate your app with OneDrive. Connect to OneDrive or OneDrive for Business (preview) with the OneDrive API.

Business and Personal

Use the same API to connect to OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. Less code, more scenarios.

App Folders

Give your app its own folder in OneDrive.

Efficient file sync

List changes to files and folders, to keep large sets of files in sync efficiently.

Large file support

Reliably upload large files up to 10 GB.

CORS support

Call the OneDrive API from your own web app.

Picker SDK

Picker SDKs enable your app to open and save files on OneDrive with hardly any code.

Android Picker SDK

Open and save files to OneDrive with ease from your Android app.

JavaScript Picker SDK

Quickly open and save files with your JavaScript app.

Apple iOS

Use the document picker view to open and save files in OneDrive.

Windows Universal Apps

Use the Windows File Picker classes to open and save in your app.


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Try out the new OneDrive API in an interactive API console.

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Learn more about the OneDrive API through code samples.

OneDrive API documentation

Get started using the OneDrive API.

Live SDK

Still using Live SDK? Find the reference and sample code here.

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