Drive resource

The drive resource is the top level object within a user's OneDrive. A user will always have at least one Drive available--the default Drive. The drive resource also represents a document library in a SharePoint site or Office 365 group.

Tasks on Drive resources

The following tasks are available for drive resources.

Common task HTTP method
Get user's default Drive metadata GET /drive
Get Drive metadata of another Drive GET /drives/{drive-id}
Get root folder for user's default Drive GET /drive/root
List children under the Drive GET /drive/root/children
List changes for all Items in the Drive GET /drive/root/delta
Search for Items in the Drive GET /drive/root/search
Access special folder GET /drive/special/{name}

In the previous table, the examples use /drive, but /drives/{drive-id} is valid too.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of a Drive resource.

  "id": "string",
  "driveType": "personal | business | documentLibrary",
  "owner": { "@odata.type": "oneDrive.identitySet" },
  "quota": { "@odata.type": "oneDrive.quota" },

  "items": [ { "@odata.type": "oneDrive.item" } ],
  "root": { "@odata.type": "oneDrive.item" },
  "special": [ { "@odata.type": "oneDrive.item" }]


The Drive resource has these properties.

Property name Type Description
id string The unique identifier of the drive.
driveType string Enumerated value that identifies the type of drive account. OneDrive drives will show as personal, OneDrive for Business as business and SharePoint document libraries as documentLibrary.
owner IdentitySet The user account that owns the drive. Owner may not be available in all scenarios, depending on permissions granted to the application.
quota Quota Information about the drive's storage space quota. Quota is not available unless the calling user is the owner of the drive.


The following table defines the relationships that the Drive resource has to other resources.

Relationship name Type Description
items Colletion(item) All items contained in the drive. This collection cannot be enumerated.
root Item The root folder of the drive.
special Collection(item) Collection of common folders available in OneDrive.


The Drive resource also has custom functions implemented to provide useful views of data that are not immediately available through the standard resources. These views are defined for a Drive:

View name Type Description
shared Collection(item) Item collection grouped by Owner that have been shared with the signed-in user.
recent Collection(item) Item collection of recently accessed files