SDKs for OneDrive integration

Use the OneDrive software development kits to quickly get OneDrive integrated into your apps. While programming with REST APIs is pretty easy, the OneDrive SDKs aim to make it even easier.

File picker SDKs

Add OneDrive to your app in minutes with a few lines of code. File picker SDKs allow you to quickly download or link to files already in OneDrive, or save files into OneDrive without writing much code. Quickly integrate your app with OneDrive today!

Platform OneDrive OneDrive for Business Documentation
Android Yes Yes Android File picker SDK
iOS Yes Yes Use iOS's UIDocumentPicker contract
Web / JavaScript Yes Yes JavaScript File picker SDK
Windows Yes Yes Use Windows' FileOpenPicker, or FileSavePicker

OneDrive API SDKs

Use the OneDrive SDK for your platform to quickly start using the OneDrive API without the need to get into all the details of authentication, JSON parsing, HTTP connections and more. Just install the SDK into your project and get going.

Platform OneDrive OneDrive for Business Documentation
Windows .NET / C# / Xamarin Yes Yes OneDrive SDK C#
iOS Yes Yes OneDrive SDK for iOS
Python Yes Not Yet OneDrive SDK for Python
Android Yes Yes OneDrive SDK for Android

We're working hard to bring SDKs for more platforms in the future. Stay tuned!

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