List subscriptions

Enumerate the remaining subscriptions on an item.


To view a list of subscriptions an app need read-write permissions to the item where the subscriptions exist. Only the subscriptions created by the calling application are enumerated.

Applications with Manage Lists permissions for SharePoint can see all subscriptions created on an item.

HTTP request

GET /drive/items/{item-id}/subscriptions
GET /drive/root:/{item-path}:/subscriptions


GET /drive/items/{item-id}/subscriptions


This returns a collection of subscriptions viewable by the calling application. For most applications, this will return a list of subscriptions created by the calling app. Apps with elevated permissions can see all subscriptions on an item.

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

   "value": [
       "id": "1234-1231-1-as",
       "resource": "/drives/0/items/57705F13F13C3C0C!104",
       "notificationUrl": "",
       "clientState": "sendThisBackToMe",
       "createdBy": { "application": {"id": "1291919111", "displayName": "Contoso App" } },
       "expirationDateTime": "2016-01-01T11:23:00.000Z"

Error responses

See Error Responses for more info about how errors are returned.